Joe is a licensed Real Estate Agent at Maxwell Progressive. A resident of Edmonton, Alberta, he specializes in the sale of new and existing homes in the greater Edmonton area. Perhaps surprisingly, much of his career has not been spent in the Real Estate field but in the Financial Industry industry as an Investment Advisor, working in both the USA and Canada. In both countries, he’s held licences to sell investments give financial advice and sell life insurance products. The common thread was an ability to craft investment advice and design and implement strategic marketing solutions that best fit a client’s needs. It was in this capacity that Joe honed his skills in developing a deep understanding of the target market. He couples that with savvy negotiation skills to get the best deals for his clients. Joe prides himself in giving his clients the most up-to-date advice on the state of the market, its trends, comparable sales and property values and a realistic outlook of what to expect in their transaction. His ability to consistently satisfy his clients has earned him a string base of loyalty repeat clients, clients he attributes his success to. He is open and sociable; that kind of agent who makes it easy to interact with.